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Bucket List Istria

In order to diversify your stay, if desired, we have compiled a bucket list of various excursions and activities throughout Istria. Thereby, you will find a wide selection from sporting activities to natural beauties and cultural and historical monuments. We are convinced that each one will be unforgettable and unique in your life.

1. Sunset Verudela

Verudela is a peninsula and at the same time a district of the city of Pula. There are several hotel complexes here and also a public parking lot. From the parking lot you go up the street all straight until you see the sea stretching in front of you. The place is marked on Google Maps as "Crkvica, Verudela". Take a bottle of wine with you and enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets. We recommend half an hour before sunset to secure one of the best spots on the cliffs, as there are always some onlookers who also want to enjoy this spectacle.


2. Day on the Brijuni Islands

The legend about the Brijuni Islands says that the Creator had paradise as a model when he created this natural beauty. The Brijuni Islands are a protected national park. Spend an unforgettable day on the island and admire the nature, animals and turquoise bays. We promise it will be a unique experience. Best of all, the National Park is just a stone's throw away from Olivea Luxury Suites.

You can buy tickets in the center of the village of Fazana at the National Park office. We recommend you book just the crossing and then upon arrival on the island rent a bike or golf cart and explore the natural beauty. Pack a small backpack with provisions and enjoy your snack in the shade of a pine tree. There is also a restaurant on the island.

All further information can be found on the homepage of the national park:


3. Truffle hunting Motovun

The gold under the ground, also called truffles, can be found in above average quantities in certain regions of Istria. This very unusual and mysterious tuber can be smelled only by a specially trained dog. The search is allowed only at a defined harvest time. Come with a professional for a day and experience the long tradition of this harvest. Afterwards, you can usually taste the harvest right away with a great pasta dish.

You find in the Internet a multiplicity of offerers. Best you look times under

We recommend you a provider in the region of the village Motovun. Then you can combine your trip with a visit to this romantic town. Stroll through the narrow streets and feel like you have stepped back in time. There are also some of the best Croatian wine producers in the immediate vicinity (Benvenuti, Roxanich, Fakin, Tomaz), where you can taste a glass of wine.


4. Istria - region of olive oil

The Italian professional tasters of FLOS OLEI, the most important international olive oil guide, have named Istria the best olive oil region in the world for the sixth consecutive year. This award does not come by chance. No region in the world has such a density of top producers in such a small area. Istria was considered the gold standard of the world at that time more than 2000 years ago. A product considered perfect, by the quality of which all others in the Roman Empire were measured.

Take advantage of your visit to Istria to stop by one of the many olive oil producers and taste the healthy oil directly. Many suppliers also offer special tastings and events. Below is a selection of leading olive oil producers in the Istria region: / Vodnjan


5. Private boat trip

The rule says that the beauty of the coast can be best admired from the sea. For this reason we recommend a day trip with a private boat and a skipper. This will allow you to reach special places that are difficult to reach by car. Especially Cape Kamenjak and the Medulin archipelago with the islands in front of it are perfect. Visit the island of Levan with a bar. The island has one of the few sandy beaches in Istria. For excursions you can get information in the port of Fazana or, for example, the town of Medulin. There are also offers, which can be found on the Internet. Be sure to mention that you want a private tour. Take a pick nick with you and spend an unforgettable day on the water.


6. Visit old town Rovinj

This fabulous town is located on the west coast of Istria with a 30min drive from Olivea Luxury Suites. The town itself is situated on a peninsula with the Church of St. Euphemia at the top of the hill. You will stroll through narrow streets on cobbled roads past picturesque buildings, lively stores and charming restaurants.

Please note that the place is busy in summer and parking may take a little longer. The Grand Park Hotel has a public parking garage from where you can then stroll to the Old Town for an unforgettable view.


7. Visit old town Pula

Pula is the largest city of the Istrian peninsula and is located in the immediate vicinity, about 10min drive, from your accommodation. The city is characterized by the culture from the Roman period with many still well-preserved buildings from that time. The landmark of the city is the ancient amphitheater, also known as the Arena of Pula. The second largest arena of the Roman Empire was built from 2 BC to 14 AD and is the sixth largest of its kind in the world. During the summer months various events about concerts take place in the arena. Already some world stars have played in the unique scenery.


8. Fine Dining Cap Aureo / Rovinj

In the Hotel Grand Park in Rovinj on the top floor is the fine dining restaurant "Cap Aureo". The restaurant has probably one of the most spectacular views in all of Croatia. The restaurant interprets many Istrian specialties in a modern way and will enchant you culinary. Due to the high demand and the limited number of seats in the restaurant, it is recommended to make a reservation as soon as possible (sometimes several weeks in advance). However, we already guarantee you an unforgettable evening. Please make sure that you are at least 30 minutes before sunset in the restaurant or at least in the adjacent bar to enjoy the spectacle of the sunset.


9. Dolphin watching at sunset

Dolphins have always had a special attraction for people. These wonderful animals feel very comfortable in the Adriatic Sea. Various providers have specialized in discovering the animals. Since the animals are often visible especially at sunset, the excursions take place at this time. Appropriate providers can be found in almost every port. Just drop by in Fazana, Pula or Rovinj.


10. Fish, Fruit and Vegetable Market Pula

The early bird gets the worm. Dorades, sea bass, mussels or fresh scampi can be found at the fish market in the city of Pula. Get your fresh ingredients early in the morning for your dinner, which you can prepare directly in the outdoor kitchen. Tip: For a small tip, the vendors will clean the fish for you that it is ready for preparation. Right next to the fish market is the fruit and vegetable market with a huge selection. The smell of fresh peaches, apricots and watermelons will immediately envelop you.


11. Explore Istria's countryside by quad bike

Besides the sea, Istria also offers a great landscape. Why not explore these beauties in a different way. There are various providers who offer you vehicles or even guided tours. On the Internet you can find different providers in the respective region.

Tip: Excursions from the town of Premantura over Cape Kamenjak is especially recommended because of the unpaved road, beautiful bays and fantastic viewpoints.


12. Opatija

The town of Opatija no longer belongs to the Istria region, but to the Kvarner Bay. Nevertheless, this former spa town is worth a day trip. The place has a long history and for many years was one of the most internationally known seaside resorts. Especially its architecture makes it stand out from the rest of the places in Croatia. The place is considered one of the most significant examples of a fashionable seaside resort of the Austrian Riviera. Stroll through the old town and along the coast and enjoy the view of the sea and the great properties. In the meantime, if it gets too warm, rent a sunbed at Lido Beach in Opatija. Driving time from Olivia Luxury Suites is about 1h 15min.


13. Wine Tasting

Istria is considered the most important wine region in the Croatian wine industry. The vineyards cover the entire region. The two most famous grape varieties are Malvazija for white wine and Teran for red wine. However, many suppliers now also grow well-known grape varieties such as Merlot. The wine scene in Istria has been extremely dynamic in recent years, although it has a long tradition. Especially young and upcoming winemakers are taking care of the modernization of the wine industry. Would you like to relax with a glass of wine, beautiful nature and a breathtaking view? The leading wineries offer an unforgettable journey into the world of local wines. Sign up for a guided tasting in a larger group or visit the wineries directly during opening hours (available on the Internet).

Tip: Register briefly by telephone beforehand, as you will then receive a better offer. As a rule, in addition to wine, you will receive other delicacies from Istria such as the famous Istrian proscuitto or local cheese.

Below you will find a personal selection of wineries that are certainly worth a visit due to the quality of their wines:

Winery "Clai" - wine recommendation: Sveti Jakov Malvazija and Brombonero Refosk

Winery "Cattunar" - wine recommendation: Malvazija Nono 4 terre

Winery "Kozlovic" - Recommendation wine: Santa Lucia Malvazija and Santa Lucia Noir 2016

Winery "Kabola" - Recommendation wine: Amfora Malvazija

Winery "Benvenuti" - Recommendation wine: St. Elisabetta and Muscat San Salvatore

Winery "Fakin" - Recommendation wine: Il Primo Teran

Winery "Medea" - Recommendation wine: Punta Greca


14. Railroad line Parenzana

A very special and different kind of cycling route is the disused railroad line Parenzana. The route can be cycled between the town of Umag by the sea, through the beautiful small town of Motovun to Vizinada in central Istria. All along the route there are nice restaurants and wineries, in case a tasting is needed. Note that this is not a round trip. The one-way driving time from Umag to Vizinada is about 4 hours.

Istria offers a number of other varied cycling routes. Have a look at Here you will find a suitable route for everyone, from where you can discover the natural landscape of Istria by bike.



Located on the southwestern tip of Istria overlooking the Brijuni National Park, Olivea Luxury Suites is the perfect accommodation for exploring this wonderful region.


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